Influencers that convert, Only 23% of Romanians shop online, GDPR cuts ad trackers

Influencers drive food & beverages sales

Food & beverages is the only category where influencers can generate a direct impact on the purchase of a product, according to a Starcom Influence Me study. The study divided the influencers into three categories: “Professionals”, “People Like Us” and “Celebrities” and analyzed their impact on product categories such as cosmetics, telecoms, banking, food and beverages, cars, hypermarkets and home & deco products.

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Romania lags behind European countries on online shopping

The leader in online shopping is the United Kingdom with 86% of the population with internet access making online purchases, followed by Sweden (84%), Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland (82%), according to the latest Eurostat report.

Romania lags behind, with just 23% of the population making online purchases, shows the report data that analyzes the e-commerce evolution between 2010 and 2017. Montenegro (18%) and Macedonia (20%) are the only European countries lagging behind us.

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eMAG Pay, a new online payment service

eMAG is working on the future launch of eMAG Pay, an online payment service dedicated to its customers who make purchases on other platforms. The service can be implemented by online shops and will offer customers with an eMAG account the ability to make payments with the eMAG account without entering any more payment or delivery data.

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Study: GDPR cuts ad trackers in Europe

An analysis of the impact of GDPR on Europe adtech industry shows that the regulation has reduced the numbers of ad trackers that websites are hooking into EU visitors. From April to July, the average number of trackers per page dropped by almost 4% for EU web users. On ecommerce sites, the average number of trackers decreased by 6.9% to 9.5 per page.

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Study: top user concerns with online order fulfillment & delivery

A study on 3.000 consumers in the UK, USA and Canada reveals five fulfillment trends shaping consumer satisfaction. The raised questions concerned the importance of e-commerce fulfillment speed and value, delivery expectations, preference for eco-friendly packaging, automated delivery and demand for in-store pickup.

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