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When users get stuck: how to apply best practices in the order check-out flow

Shopping cart abandonment can happen at any step of the check-out process if online shops do not understand the user behaviour behind it and make an effort to apply best practices. We’ve talked about simple ways to resolve this issue with Christian Holst, Research Director & Co-founder Baymard Institute, and found out many other interesting user research results.

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GPeC 2019 Romanian E-Commerce Report: over 4.3 billion euro revenue, a 20% growth compared to 2018

According to the Romanian Online Shops Association’s (ARMO) estimations, the e-commerce sector exceeded the 4.3 billion euro threshold at the end of 2019, 20-22% more than in 2018 when the value of online commerce was estimated to an approximate 3.6 billion euro.

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Gerry McGovern

Talking UX with Gerry McGovern: Understanding customers and how to build sustainable relationships

A growing interest among marketers and entrepreneurs is getting a deeper understanding of their customers. We talked at GPeC SUMMIT about this trend with Gerry McGovern, founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, and he shared some insights about how big names in e-commerce build sustainable customer relationships and maintain customer loyalty.

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Ian Jindal - eCommerce challanges in 2019

It’s the best time to start-up in e-commerce. Interview with Ian Jindal (Internet Retailing) at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019

After studying thousands of online businesses, Ian Jindal, Founder of Internet Retailing magazine thinks the Romanian digital retail market has a few particularities. First, there is a small number of global players selling into Romania, while very few local players sell cross-border. What we’ll see over the coming years is that more global players will deliver to and sell in Romania, so there will be an increase in competition, and some of the bigger Romanian players will start selling cross-border.

Check out the interview below for his insights on growing opportunities for start-ups and mid-sized companies in the following years.

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Karl Gilis, AG Consult - Online selling

Talking Conversion Optimization with Karl Gilis: “It’s not because you have a brilliant idea that it will work”

Selling online shouldn’t be much different than traditional face-to-face, in-store selling, says Karl Gilis, Co-Founder of AG Consult, one of the best-known Usability and Conversion Optimization agencies in Belgium. For the fourth year a keynote speaker at GPeC SUMMIT, Karl is a world famous UX and conversion optimization expert, most known for his funny ways of putting e-commerce into perspective.

We talked to Karl about the strategies of surviving and thriving on the digital market, the role of customer centricity in a company’s success, how to write good product copy for e-commerce and how to find your true tone of voice. Here are the key takeaways from the interview, that you can read below.

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