Month: January 2017

Weekly news: the trends for 2017, eMAG launches a new marketplace, Alibaba joins EMOTA

The main trends in online marketing for 2017 GPeC always keeps you connected to the Romanian and worldwide trends in e-commerce and online marketing. As a new year begins, we sat with the most important experts in online marketing and e-commerce from Romania, to ask them about the present and the future of digital marketing as a generator of online sales. While doing this, we considered the dominant position of Google and Facebook in terms of investment in online marketing and we also took into account the growing personalization rate of the marketing message. Read more on the GPeC blog eMag launches a new marketplace for small enterprises eMag launched a dedicated section for small Romanian entrepreneurs. They can now access the national market with the help of the platform launched by the biggest Romanian online shopping website. Entrepreneurs will propose products for the special program called “Open Romania”, then after

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Weekly news: French sweets, Alibaba in Bulgaria, Romanian e-commerce still rising

The right to taste French sweets in your own home A Romanian man was given the right to receive sweets delivered from France. The man was mad when the Paris-based online shop refused to deliver to Romania and he complained about this situation at the European Consumer Centre. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. The most restrictive countries in terms of European e-commerce are France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Poland. The most restrictive e-tailers sell clothes, shoes, books and gadgets. More details at 2016, a good year for 2Performant In 2016, generated more than 780,000 sales for its 500+ online shops in the affiliate network; that means 39.4 million euros (VAT excluded). The total conversions number (sales and leads) is more than 840,000 – a more than 50% increase compared to 2015. The 2Performant affiliate network holds in its portfolio clients such as Elefant, Vola, evoMAG, Noriel, Miniprix, Libris,

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Romanian E-Commerce Market Size at the end of 2016: 1.8 billion EUR (INFOGRAPHIC)

According to the main Romanian e-commerce market players and GPeC the value of the e-commerce market size in Romania exceeded 1.8 billion EUR in 2016, growing 30% compared to 2015 when the total e-commerce market size was 1.4 billion EUR. On average, Romanian people spent 5 million EUR daily for online shopping. Furthermore, the figure of 1.8 billion EUR represents only etail (tangible goods sold online) and does not include services, bill payments, plane tickets, event tickets, hotel reservations, travel etc. If we would also add the above, the value of the total online shopping market in Romania would be considerably bigger. GPeC is for 12 years the most important e-commerce event in Romania which also gathers and publishes the Romanian e-commerce market official figures every year – The Romanian E-Commerce Market Report. Here is the main data and information for last year according to the GPeC report: 11,2 million

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