Year: 2019

steven hoober gpec

Steven Hoober interview: Mobile UX and the importance of usability research

User experience on mobile is still something that online business owners need to research and optimize. Mobile UX expert Steven Hoober is known internationally for his continuous research in mobile user experience and for implementing mobile interfaces for Google,, Samsung and Hallmark. After his presentation at GPeC Summit – May 2019, we sat down to talk to him about ”doing things the right way”.

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dennis yu

Video is the future – Talking with Dennis Yu about using video content to build trust among clients

“What’s more compelling, a video of someone using the product, or a picture?” is what Dennis Yu, CEO BlitzMetrics, wanted online businesses to think about during his interview at GPeC SUMMIT May 2019. We talked with him about how easy it is to create content that catches your target audience’s eye, about how to use video content to build trust among clients and about how AI will help run better Facebook ads.

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Gerry McGovern

Talking UX with Gerry McGovern: Understanding customers and how to build sustainable relationships

A growing interest among marketers and entrepreneurs is getting a deeper understanding of their customers. We talked at GPeC SUMMIT about this trend with Gerry McGovern, founder and CEO of Customer Carewords, and he shared some insights about how big names in e-commerce build sustainable customer relationships and maintain customer loyalty.

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Jono Alderson - ecommerce websites

Jono Alderson and the future of digital marketing: “We need to think bigger. We need to be audience-centric”

Nobody wants to go to a website and look through e-commerce pages. Nobody wants to fill out conversion forms. That’s a dysfunction of an earlier internet. Consumer behavior is changing. People are more likely to want to consume content and transact on places like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook. Maybe that means that websites are less important. Maybe the way we think about marketing and getting people to a site and getting them to convert, misses the point and needs to change radically.

At GPeC SUMMIT we talked to Jono Alderson about the implications of changes in user behavior, especially with the emergence of machine learning systems and assistive devices. How will this affect the job of the marketer? Read more in the interview below.

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