Cătălin Emilian , Sabin Belușică , Virgil Pascu , Andrei Bereandă , Mihai Petroff , Raluca Radu ,

Multichannel Marketing Toolkit: online promotional tactics in a more and more difficult market reality

GPeC SUMMIT, October, Bucharest

Meta Ads campaigns don’t work like they used to a few years ago – costs are constantly increasing along with increasing competition and Google Ads campaigns are becoming more and more automated and less transparent.

The reality of online advertising is that things evolve exponentially from one month to the next, and the competition is getting fiercer with customer acquisition and retention costs also rising at the same time.

  • What is the right approach for promoting an online store, what are the channels they can test and what are the effective tactics for each of these online promotion channels?
  • With increasing customer acquisition costs in Google and Meta Ads campaigns, what are the tactics an online store can apply to optimise its marketing budget?
  • What alternative digital promotion channels does an online store have available to counter the dependence on Meta and Google Ads?
  • How can you become an online store that earns money from advertising instead of investing it? Few words about Retail Media Network
  • How can we increase the loyalty of customers of an online store through promotional campaigns and what would be the most suitable channels for this objective?
  • How can we streamline the investment in online marketing so that the budget goes back to the business with an effective ROAS?
  • How do you make Affiliate Marketing with results?…

… these are just few of the questions we will find answers to in this panel.

We encourage engagement and interaction si you can join th conversation and ask your questions to the panelists: Andrei Bereandă (Head of Digital Pro TV), Cătălin Emilian (Country Manager RTB House), Sabin Belușică (Performance Lead Httpool), Virgil Pascu (PPC Strategy Director Publicis), Mihai Petroff (Client Service Director 2 Performant)

Host: Raluca Radu, CEO & Founder MTH Digital

Cătălin Emilian (Country Manager RTB House)

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Sabin Belușică (Performance Lead Httpool)

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Virgil Pascu (PPC Strategy Director @ Publicis Media Precision)

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Andrei Bereandă (Head of Digital ProTV)

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Mihai Petroff ( Client Service Director | 2 Performant)

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Raluca Radu (Founder MTH Digital)

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