GPeC Calendar 2020

26 - 31 Aug.
GPeC Online Summer School 26-31 August

GPeC Summer School 26-31 August - Enjoying eCommerce & Online Marketing Courses in fresh mountain air, Team-building and creating long-term friendships within the best online community.

9 April
Online Shops Competition

Take the chance to register your online shop between the 9th April and the 21st June for the GPeC Competition, in order to benefit from the most complex eCommerce Benchmark for your website.

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1 - 15 July
Online Shops Review – Stage 1

Online Shops Review - Stage 1 - Between 1-15 July, the online shops registered for the GPeC Competition will be analyzed by 30 e-commerce experts following 200+ criteria for each of the websites.

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23 July
GPeC Mentorship – Stage 1

Online shops registered for the GPeC Competition receive advised consulting on building their businesses from 30 specialists during the face-2-face Mentorship sessions.

14 Sept.
Online Shops Review – Stage 2 (final)

Between the 14th September and 5th October, the experts reanalyse the evolution over time of the online shops registered for the GPeC Competition.

15 Oct.
GPeC Mentorship – Stage 2 (final)

Online shops registered for the GPeC Competition have a face-2-face rediscussion along the GPeC Benchmark and are being counseled by the mentors about their next steps in building their business.

2 Nov.
GPeC SUMMIT 2nd November

One memorable day of eCommerce & Digital Marketing Conference + Expo + Networking and Inspiration with handpicked Speakers, celebrating the 15th year anniversary of GPeC.

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2 Nov.
eCommerce Awards Gala 2nd November

Announcing the winners of the Online Shops Competition and awarding the best eCommerce companies during the GPeC Awards Ceremony, the 15 years edition.

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GPeC Trainings (all year long)

We deliver eCommerce and Online Marketing Trainings throughout the year.

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GPeC Immersion (rescheduled for 2021)

Unfortunately, we’ve been forced to reschedule GPeC Immersion 25-26 May because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re focusing on GPeC SUMMIT, while GPeC Immersion is rescheduled for 2021.

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Do you have an online shop?

Now is the time to optimize it! Sign up for the GPeC Competition and get the most complex eCommerce Benchmark for your website

We are all going through unpleasant times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we have to surrender. We will surely get over this hindrance and we honestly believe that we should use this time wisely to get our engines ready for when the pandemic is over.

Therefore, our advice is to make use of this time interval and optimize your websites to maximize the conversion potential, to receive advised consulting from market experts, to do more research and to structure your business strategy. You can benefit from all of this by registering your online shop for the GPeC Competition.

30 eCommerce & Digital Marketing experts will analyze the online shops signed up for the GPeC Competition using over 200 evaluation criteria

  • User Experience - website ergonomics on both Mobile and Desktop to ensure an easy and intuitive browsing experience
  • Website Functionality - proper and intuitive functioning of all of the website’s forms and of the entire Checkout process
  • Search - proper functioning of the website search feature, following Best Practices
  • Mystery Shopping - testing customer relationship services quality by placing a Mystery Shopping order
  • SEO - how well optimized are the online shops for search engines
  • Security - client information and database security level following GDPR requirements
  • E-Mail Marketing - the frequency and quality of Newsletter campaigns for maximizing Open Rate & Click Rate
  • Content & Social Media - the frequency and quality of the website content (Blog etc.) and Social Media posts
Raport E-Commerce Benchmark magazine online inscrise in Competitia GPeC

All the online shops registered for the GPeC Competition receive a detailed eCommerce Report for each of the 200+ criteria, as well as advised recommendations on how to fix the reported problems in order to increase the Conversion Rate and sell more. 

Dan Ariely GPeC SUMMIT E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Conference Romania

Dan Ariely for the first time in Romania

GPeC SUMMIT - The Event of The Year in eCommerce & Digital Marketing

An awesome line-up awaits you at the 15th anniversary edition of GPeC SUMMIT 2nd November.

  • 1 full Conference day with some of the most famous local and international speakers (9 AM - 6 PM) - Dan Ariely for the first time in Romania
  • GPeC Expo - takes place at the same time with the Conference and it’s and excellent business opportunity environment for online shops and service providers
  • All day long Networking opportunities with the Digital industry elite for C-level participants
  • Book Signing & Q&A Sessions with the GPeC SUMMIT speakers and industry key figures
  • eCommerce Awards Gala on the 2nd of November, end of day (7 PM - 8:30 PM)
  • GPeC exclusive After Party (after the Awards Gala, starting 9 PM)

GPeC SUMMIT is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of November in the Main Hall of the Bucharest National Theatre (2 Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard).



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We are GPeC and for 15 years we’ve exclusively dedicated ourselves to the Digital industry. We don’t do anything else because we cannot be Jack of all trades, so we do what we love: E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

  • GPeC Competition - the best tool online shops can use to optimize and increase their sales
  • 2 major events every year (GPeC Immersion & GPeC SUMMIT) with legendary speakers
  • All year long hands-on Trainings in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
  • GPeC Summer School Bootcamp - 5 days of workshops and team building in fresh mountain air
  • GPeC Awards - the awarding gala for the best online shops and companies in the industry
  • GPeC Blog - useful resources from the best specialists for those interested in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
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