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What awaits you at GPeC Republic of Moldova, 20th of June

  • 20th of June, Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel Chișinău - GPeC Conference: 1 full day of conference on everything that is new in E-Commerce & Online Marketing, alongside well-known local and international experts and 200+ C-Level participants;
  • 20th of June, Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel Chișinău - GPeC Expo: In parallel with the GPeC Conference, there will be held GPeC Expo - the place where e-commerce suppliers can present their solutions in front of e-commerce stores and can get leads from them;
  • 20th of June - GPeC Networking Party: The evening of 20th of June brings you socialising and fun, smiles and the joy of meeting the Digital elite: 100+ representatives of the most important companies in the field from Romania and Republic of Moldova;
  • Throughout the entire GPeC event you have dedicated coffee and networking breaks so you can meet and interact with C-Level attendees in the field.

Mentorship Program for Online Stores

GPeC Proficiency program

GPeC Proficiency is the Mentorship Program for Online Stores, consisting of a complex process of auditing, consulting, and optimizing stores to increase conversion rates and sales.

  • We evaluate your store and online presence through a comprehensive audit, containing over 200 checking criteria;
  • You receive expert recommendations through 1-on-1 consulting sessions with some of the best specialists in Romania to optimize your online store and increase sales.

Participation in the program can be public or 100% confidential, through the Incognito package. Details about each package are available here.

GPeC Calendar

20 June
GPeC Republic of Moldova – 20th of June

On June 20th, we'll see you in Chișinău at the second annual edition of GPeC Republic of Moldova! We're waiting for you with a full day of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Conference and Expo alongside top international and local speakers

See you at GPeC in Chisinau?
12 March - 31 May
The GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency program

The only program in Romania where you get an audit of your online shop and specialized consulting to optimize your site and increase sales.

Register for the program and optimize your online shop!
17 June - 5 July
Online Shops Review – Stage 1

Online Shops Review - Stage 1 - Between 17th of June and 5th of July, the online shops registered for the GPeC Competition will be analized by 30 e-commerce experts following 200+ criteria for each of the websites.

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17 - 19 July
GPeC Proficiency Mentorship – Stage 1

Online shops registered for the GPeC Competition receive advised consulting on building their businesses from 30 specialists during the individual online Mentorship sessions.

21 - 26 Aug.
GPeC Online Summer School 21-26 of August

GPeC Summer School 21st - 26th of August - Enjoying eCommerce & Online Marketing Courses in fresh mountain air, Team-building and creating long-term friendships within the best online community.

9 - 20 Sept.
Online Shops Review – Stage 2 (final)

Between the 9th and 20th of September the experts reanalyse the evolution over time of the online shops registered for the GPeC Competition.

25 - 27 Sept.
GPeC Mentorship – Stage 2 (final)

Online shops registered for the GPeC Competition have an individual online re-discussion on the GPeC Proficiency Criteria and are being adivsed by the mentors about their next steps in growing and enhancing their business.

8 Oct.
GPeC SUMMIT, October, Bucharest

The E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Event of the Year: a real marathon of hands-on content meant to inspire you, delivered by some of the most famous Romanian and international specialists. #CraftedToInspire

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8 Oct.
eCommerce Awards Gala, October 2024, Bucharest

The award ceremony of the best online shops and E-Commerce companies, as well as the top ranking shops that graduated the GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency 2024 program.

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7 - 10 Feb.
GPeC Winter School Exclusively Online

During 7th to 10th of February we are waiting for you at GPeC Winter School – the Intensive E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Series of Courses – that will take place exclusively online, on Zoom. Why online? In order to be able to attend the 4 days of practical knowledge from anywhere, alongside some of the best Romanian and International trainers from the industry.

Did you reserve your seat?

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