What awaits you at GPeC Winter School

Marketing and E-Commerce Courses with Romanian and International trainers

Start your year strong at the GPeC Winter School - the series of Intensive E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Courses - which will take place exclusively online, on Zoom, from February 7th to 10th, 2024:

  • 15 sessions of courses and debates on the most important topics for online sales growth in 2024;
  • 19 International and Romanian trainers with undisputed experience in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing;
  • Actionable How-To content, with tips & tricks and actual examples for a better understanding of theoretical concepts;
  • Intensive courses to immediately apply the acquired knowledge;
  • Q&A sessions and evening debates in an informal setting, ensuring that every question gets an answer;
  • Exclusively online - you can participate in the GPeC Winter School from anywhere as long as you have a laptop connected to the internet;
  • Access to video recordings of all course sessions for further in-depth understanding of the information conveyed

The subjects that are approached at GPeC Winter School

Courses focused on everything that is important for an e-commerce business in 2024

  • The current state of the E-Commerce market, trends, and growth opportunities in 2024
  • How to attract the right customers in e-commerce
  • Streamlining Facebook Ads campaigns through advanced funnel structures
  • Tax challenges in 2024 & sharpening competition in e-commerce
  • Improving marketing results for online stores
  • AI & Automations to assist you in rapidly generating visuals for marketing campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Conversion rate optimization for sales growth
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • GA4
  • Latest updates and important legal aspects

Some of the questions you will find answers to in the GPeC Winter School courses:

  1. What was the value of the e-commerce market in 2023, and the key information about consumer behavior?
  2. What are the predictions, opportunities, and challenges for 2024 from eMAG's perspective?
  3. What are the main methods to improve the results of your online store's marketing actions?
  4. How can you streamline Facebook Ads campaigns to boost online sales?
  5. How do you attract the right customers in e-commerce, those who end up having a high Lifetime Value?
  6. How can you optimize PPC/Performance Max campaigns for the best results?
  7. What are the main SEO trends for e-commerce in 2024?
  8. How can you leverage AI to rapidly generate visuals for marketing campaigns?
  9. What are the key techniques for increasing the conversion rate in 2024?
  10. How do you grow and motivate your team?
  11. What is the cost and effectiveness of Influencer Marketing in e-commerce?
  12. What are the tax challenges of the year for online stores?
  13. What are the latest legislative updates?

... all represent just a small part of the questions you will find answers to in the GPeC Winter School courses

At the GPeC Winter School, you will build a new family – your online family!

You are connected to the E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Community in every moment.

In addition to the 15 intensive course sessions, you have the opportunity to participate in informal discussions with the day's trainers, ask them questions, and seek specific advice for your online business. The added value doesn't stop there: you share business experiences, exchange ideas, and establish long-lasting connections with all fellow participants.

Forge long-term friendships

You join the GPeC Community, and we stay connected constantly, even after the Winter School concludes. We assist each other with advice and recommendations whenever needed, and we meet in person at the GPeC SUMMIT conferences throughout the year.

At the GPeC Winter School, we maintain an informal atmosphere, so you can expect 4 days of practical content in the courses, but also plenty of smiles and fun with colleagues and trainers. Trust us: you'll wish these 4 days never end!

Costs and banefits

What you'll gain and how much it cost to participate

  • You get 15 sessions of intensive courses and discussions on the most important E-Commerce and Online Marketing topics from some of the best international and Romanian specialists –> you know what to do to boost your sales in 2024.
  • You receive video recordings of the courses to review at a later time --> you don't miss any of the conveyed content and can deepen your knowledge whenever.
  • In addition to the learning aspect, you have the opportunity to talk to the trainers and special guests (without anyone rushing, as can happen at any conference) –> you get expert advice and insights tailored to your business.
  • You make friends and exchange ideas/opinions/contacts with trainers and fellow participants –> you learn from their experience, benefit from recommendations, and know who to turn to when you need help growing your business.
  • Until January 22, 2024, it costs only 349 319 EUR + VAT, with the price increasing by 30 EUR from January 23 to February 5, 2024. Note: There are only 20 available places!

Who is the GPeC Winter School designed for?

For all those directly interested in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing: entrepreneurs, online stores, individuals looking to specialize in the field, providers of e-commerce services and solutions, e-commerce tools and platforms, payment processors, courier companies, digital agencies, etc.

The level of all courses and discussions is: Intermediate.

GPeC Winter School - Exclusively Online

Format and Duration

We welcome you to join us at the GPeC Winter School, the series of Intensive E-Commerce and Online Marketing Courses in Romania, which will take place exclusively online via Zoom from February 7th to 10th, 2024.

Even though you will be online, we sincerely recommend dedicating these 4 days exclusively to the GPeC Winter School to not miss any of the information conveyed during the courses. Moreover, you will feel comfortable joining us from the comfort of your home and have the opportunity to set aside household activities. 🙂

GPeC Winter School Tickets - online, 7th-10th of February 2024

Only 20 places available!

349+ VAT / person

GPeC Winter School Online

 takes place exclusively online, on Zoom, from February 7th to 10th, 2024

  • Access to 4 days with 15 sessions of Intensive E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Courses and Debates (exclusively online, so you can participate from anywhere!)
  • Real-time Q&A with international and Romanian trainers (requires active webcam and microphone)
  • Access to the course materials (.ppt / .pdf) for each session
  • Access to video recordings of all course sessions for further review of knowledge
  • Option to obtain the GPeC Winter School Course Completion Certificate following the final exam (optional)
  • Access to the secret group of the GPeC Winter School & contact details of participants and trainers
  • Exclusively Online, on Zoom - you can access the GPeC Winter School from anywhere!

Opinions from former participants

What friends who attended the GPeC Winter School have to say

1) Foarte tare tot ce înseamnă GPeC. 2) Foarte bine structurat programul Școlii GPeC. 3) Foarte faini voi toți pentru că asta stă la baza punctelor 1 și 2.

Emanuel Cimponeru

Ați fost niște gazde minunate! Felicitări pentru organizarea Școlii GPeC! Ne-au plăcut speakerii, ne-au plăcut prezentările și plecăm de aici cu multe idei și task-uri în agendă. Vă mulțumim!

Echipa Libris

Vă mulțumesc din inimă pentru găzduirea acestor cursuri bogate în informații, pentru organizarea unui eveniment inedit, în urma căruia am putut să îmi extind orizonturile profesionale în relația începută cu niște oameni deosebiți și experți în tot ceea ce înseamnă online, digital și date.

Olivian Stoica

Felicitări pentru organizarea Școlii GPeC! Pe lângă informațiile prețioase pe care le-am învățat, aceste 5 zile m-au ajutat să aflu în ce etapă sunt, ce mai am de învățat și unde vreau să ajung. Ingredientele perfecte: know-how, fun și relaxare. Felicitări și mulțumesc!

Andreea Tanislav

Cu toată sinceritatea vreau să vă mulțumesc pentru că mi-ați reamintit de ce am ales această carieră. La finalul acestor zile m-ați transformat în fan și ați devenit modele de urmat pentru mine. Plec cu zâmbetul pe buze, cu informații bine structurate și cu țelul de a pune în practică ce am învățat. Promit să revin cu un magazin online optimizat, așa cum am învățat la GPeC.

Luisa Mihalcea
Dragi educatori – pentru mine nu ați fost profesori, ci educatori sau îndrumători în tot ceea ce s-a întâmplat în aceste 5 zile. Sunt foarte încântată de tot ceea ce am descoperit aici, de lucrurile noi aflate, de oamenii faini pe care i-am cunoscut și de toată experiența GPeC. Pentru că da, GPeC este o experiență, una extraordinară pentru mine. Mă înclin și vă mulțumesc!

Cristina Mădălina