Erin Weigel speaking at GPeC SUMMIT Bucharest Romania

Erin Weigel

Senior Design Manager | Former Principal Designer

Erin Weigel has worked for 9 years at, of which 4 years as Principal Designer. During this time, Erin conducted over 1.200 A/B tests on tens of millions of daily active users of the platform. She recently joined the team of a fast delivery company as Senior Design Manager.

To create easy-to-use digital products, Erin believes that there needs to be a balance between qualitative perspective and quantitative data analysis, so for over 10 years she has been designing efficient, user / customer-oriented websites.

She is the holder of the International Certification in User Experience from Nielsen Norman Group.

For the first time in Romania, Erin Weigel takes the stage of GPeC SUMMIT on 30 May at the National Theater of Bucharest, sharing insights she learned from the more than 1,200 experiments she did at

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