Krista Seiden speaking for the first time in Romania at GPeC SUMMIT - The most Important E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Event in CEE

Krista Seiden

Experienced Leader in Digital Analytics

Krista Seiden is Senior Consultant in Digital Analytics after 7 years of working at Google where she lead the Product Management department for the Google Marketing Platform acting as an evagelist for the Google Analytics product suit.

În 2019 she founded KS Digital, an Analytics consulting company companie that helps online businesses maximize their profit by optimizing their marketing campaigns.

She is a speaker at major international conferences, an expert in the field and the author of numerous articles on Google Analytics. Last but not least, she is a strong supporter of #WomenInAnalytics.

Krista Seiden joins to GPeC SUMMIT for the first time in Romania and will speak on the stage of the National Theater of Bucharest during the GPeC Conference on 30 May.

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