Michael Aagaard speaking at GPeC SUMMIT Romania - The Most Important E-Commerce Event in Eastern Europe

Michael Aagaard

Senior CRO Consultant

Michael Aagaard is one of the world’s foremost experts in Conversion Rate Optimization, working in the industry since 2008.

As a consultant, he has helped many companies around the world (including Unbounce, for which he worked for 3 years) to increase their conversion rate and create a good User Experience, based exclusively on research, data and consumer psychology.

He is known as one of the most passionate and enthusiastic people in the industry and an international speaker invited to the most important industry related conferences in the world, bringing on every stage he gets on a bit of his signature “special madness”.

Michael Aagaard speaks at GPeC SUMMIT from the stage of the National Theater of Bucharest, for the first time in Romania, during the GPeC Conference on 30th May.

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