Coffee Break & Networking @GPeC Expo + Demo Stage Releva

GPeC SUMMIT 30-31 Octombrie, București

Bucură-te de cafea și gustări delicioase în timp ce faci networking cu elita industriei E-Commerce & Digital Marketing.

Vizitează GPeC Expo și intră în contact cu principalii furnizori de servicii e-commerce – aici se nasc multiple oportunități de colaborare și parteneriate pe termen lung.

În timp ce îți bei cafeaua, îi poți asculta pe colegii de la Releva (tool de Marketing Automation bazat pe AI) care vor vorbi pe Demo Stage (în zona de Expo de la mezanin):

Have you heard that you can increase your eCommerce revenue by more than 40% and save 8+ hours per week on repeatable marketing tasks?

Do you know that in Romania the eCommerce turnover is five and half billion USD? This means that there is more than 2 billion USD potential that you can leverage. Do you know how? You can try Releva risk-free to provide proper personalization and unlock this potential for you before anyone else.

Releva is an award-winning deep-tech personalization solution that gives you the tools you need to forecast and predictably grow your business. We provide the marketing automation platform that personalizes the website and every touch point of your users across the multichannel with the main goal to increase your conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values and leads to revenue growth with an amazing ROI.

Come and join Releva’s demo and get the chance to learn more about our deep-tech personalization solution and how you can grow your eCommerce and achieve those impressive results plus 50x return on investment and 2x revenue increase through email retargeting.

Try Releva free for 30 days. Book a session with one of our eCommerce experts and learn how Releva can help your business grow.